Effect of Antifungal Essential oil From Satureja hortensis on Alternaria citri

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Member of Scientific Board of Kerman Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center, Kerman, Iran

2 Researcher of Kerman Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center, Kerman, Iran

3 Ex-graduate Student in Medicinal Plants Science


Savory plant (Satureja hortensis) belongs to the mint family which blooms in most parts of Iran. Savory essential oil wich could be obtained from steam distillation of leaves and leafy branches, is used in medicine and food industry. This study was aimed to evaluate interactions of antifungal activity of savory essential oil on Alternaria citri. In order to evaluate antifungal properties of savory essential oil, it was prepared from plant material, initially. Then, Alternaria citri strains were isolated and cultured in PDA medium culture. The PDA media were with different concentration of savory essential oil (0, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 ppm) after purification of fungi and followed up by cutting of Alternaria citri raised as well attached on PDA medium and then were incubated at 25°C temperature in a incubator.The fungal growth in mediums with different concentration of Satureja hortensis essential oil were evaluated after 24, 48, 72 hours to 8 days. The obtained data were analyzed by using SPSS software and the mean volues were compared with Duncan’s test.The obtained results indicated that savory essential oil from 400 ppm and higher concentrations demonstrate inhibitory effects on fungal growth and spores production.In addition,lower concentrations from 400 ppm reduced speed of fungi growth, but not ceased.