Identification and Evaluation of West Azarbaijan Grape Cultivars by Ampelography and Ampelometery

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Scientific staff of Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center of West Azerbaijan, Tabriz

2 Associate professor, Department of Horticulture, Tabriz University, Tabriz

3 Associate professor, Department of Plant Breeding, Tabriz University, Tabriz

4 Researcher of Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center of West Azerbaijan, Tabriz


To identification and evaluation of various traits of existing grapevine cultivars in Western Azarbaijan this research was conducted in grape collection of Dr. Nakhjavani Horticultural Research Station for three years. From bud burst to harvest time, at different phonological stages, the shoot, young leaf, mature leaf, flower and fruit characters were recorded based on IPGRI descriptor. Results of variance analysis showed the significant difference among 50 studied cultivars in all traits such as fruit set, pollen germination, bearing system, component of yield and ripening date among cultivars. High diversity in botanical characters such as leaf shape, lobe number, color of young leaf surface, petiole sinus shape, form of teeth, berry size and shape, berry skin color and vegetative growth was observed in cultivars. Based on morphological data all cultivar were grouped in six groups. In all grouping there were a close relation between cultivars of Shahroudi and Alhaghi, Khalili Sefid and Khalili Qermez, Keshmeshi Sefid and Bidaneh Qermez, Sephid Shakhshakh and Rejin, Tabarza Sephid and Tabarza Qermez, Dastarchin and Gazan Daii, Sayani and Qzl Uzum, Jigh jigha and Siyah Mamoli.